Thursday, May 12, 2016

Move to New Platform

I start my blogging since 2008 with a blog title My Life Is My Choice. Then i change it to My CHOICE - Walking Through Nature and this is the blog. This blog was dedicated for my love of nature and i shared most of my experienced exploring the Borneo rainforest. However, there is times that i am very lazy to write and this blog ended been abandoned by me. So, i decided to moved to the new platform and just using my own name as the title of my blog. I will continue to share my thoughts, my adventure and journey exploring Borneo and the outside world. Sharing what i have seen and what inspired me along the way. Do come and drop by whenever you miss me and want to see what's new at Rose Ragai

It is just a simple blog and enjoy your time dropping by.

Journey never ends,
Little Rose

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