Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Visit to Murut's Village

Started from today until 5th June i will be away again to one of the
Murut's village that i am working on. I am not sure how many visits
that i have done in this village. From the beginning until now, there
is one thing that i am always wooried about visiting this village is,
I am afraid i am not behave well and afraid i am over their
sensitivity. It is quite difficult sometime to behave well because i
am rough person and i have to be patient with any of their attitude
towards me. Somehow, they are nice people and knowing them better will
create a good relationship between both sides.

I still remember when i studied in Sabah local university back in
2000-2004, my Sabahan friends told me that Murut's are dangerous
people. They are famous with "Black Magic". This bad perception of
Murut's has been stick in my mind for so long. So, every time i heard
Murut's i will be freaked out. But, now i realize it is so not true.
They are same like everyone of us. Only respect of both parties will
create a good realtionship. Respect their thoughts, culture, people
and you will get the same thing from them.

I don't have social science background but i am learning now. My
thinking is more starightforward and i don't know whether they telling
me the truth or they make up stories. So, i have to use my observation
skills to see and reflects on what they say to me every time i ask for

Okay, enough for now. Will be back soon and hopefully i can write more
about this people when i get back. One thing that is interesting
working with communities is that, ground experience with them is like
back to school but not about theories and so on but this is about
LIFE. See LIFE through others eyes.