Friday, January 9, 2009

My Workmates, My Friends

The early days of working as a field person. Looks very nerdy and boyish. It was Nov 2005 with BG and NM doing site survey for small mammal trapping (UTAR Group). This time i still don't have any idea on how to arrange my own research. Both of them still working there.

With AJ at logging timber at Binyo. I can't remember for what trip was that. He is still working there too. I never got a chance to learn on doing fish inventory with him.

With AAP at QA office requesting map for our inventory. She leaving the company in 2006 to further her study in forestry at UMS, KK. This year is her final year and i hope she will get her degree with flying colours.

With DJ at Similajau National Park, Bintulu in 2007 when our department has been invited to give a talk about conservation work that we have done. This was for the Nature 'n' U program that organized by SFC.

Most of all, this is my ex-boss, Mr. RBS. He was the one that giving the opportunity for me to join this carreer at Conservation Dept. He open the door for me to do what i really have passions in and expand my knowledge and on ground experienced. He leaving the department in 2007.

Refresh Back My Memories - With Wildlife

My interests with wildcat makes me want to hold this juvenile Leopard Cat that in care of mini zoo in Bintulu. It was sent to this mini zoo by the plantation manager. This young leopard cat died last year.

Western Tarsier caught by one of my workers during our small mammals trapping and it hold my finger like a little baby.

Amongst the wildlife that i am working on, i am not a friend of snakes. I don't know if they are venomous or not so i am afraid of all species of snakes.

I found this tortoise when we are doing our site survey for small mammals trapping. Actually it was a pair of it and i think they are mating but we disturb them. Just for a little while, captured some photos with them for a memories.

Frogging and end up with eyeing on slepping birds that roll like a ball.

Having so much interesting experienced when doing bird's survey where we use it's own calls/songs to attract them to come near to our mist nets. The Green Broadbill, one of the species that we can call. much more to learn about them..but will i have a chance doing it again after this?

Fish....I only know how to eat them but still can't remember fish scientific names...

Holding the paralyzed Malay Civet in my arms like holding a little baby. Will i still got this chance?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time To Move On

Feeling so sad to leave something that i really love behind me. But my life have to move on.
Looking for new place and meet new people that will welcome me with their smile and welcome hearts.

I wonder why it is so hard for certain people to see other people success in their life.
I thought being nice with everyone will make other people treat me nice too. Hmmm..nevermind.

This is just a beginning of the year and i supposed to be very motivated and full of passion
in my next step.

My wish is that, this new place that i will serve will treat me fairly. I am sure i will meet
a very nice person and for sure a very good work environment. I know i will miss a lot of things
about my previous nature of work because the next step will be slightly different. No more
small mammals trapping, no more frogging, no more birding etc etc...can't count all the most memorable experienced that i ever have in my previous work.

Feeling sad when recall back the three years and two months period that i have spent in broaden my knowledge and gaining new skills in doing work with wildlife. The bite of the Ranee Mouse, climbing up hills, cutting trails, sleeping in the was a hard time but give me more strentgh to move on.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Curiosity of the Young

I saw a dragonfly in our house one night and i show it to my nephews and nieces. This two little boys seems to be interested with my explanation. I think this dragonfly is the nocturnal species where it is only occur at night because i still remember one of the entomologist told me about nocturnal species of dragonfly. However, I am not sure which species is this one.

The elder brother looks happy (photo above) when he can hold this creature in his hand but his little brother seems to be thinking what this animal could be and maybe think what else he can do to this animal. He looks very curious.

I took a close up photo of this dragonfly and hoping that this can be used for identification.

Anyone can help me?

Back to Work

I am back to work again this month but it is not the same situation as before i am leaving this place. Hoping that i will have a chance to go out into the plantations and doing some surveys. However, it sounds to be not happen for me.
My friend have trip tomorrow, removing cam trap from sites but i can't join them. I am not in the list of the team members for that trip. I thought i can plan my own trip to try the PIT, tagging for the small mammals but it seems to be not going to happen too. I am only here for about two weeks, i think before i am totally leaving this job.
I am okay...I think i will make my own trip to any close nature park. I can make it my own visit to the jogging trail that i used to go before. Or maybe looking for a new trails not far from the town. As long i use my observations skills, i will find interesting animals or anything that nature want to show me.

Ferns & Beketan People

This was my first visit to Beketan community area and it was quite interesting experienced. I have the opportunity to mixed around with them and preparing our meals together.

This fern is one of the menu for that day. I am so sorry that i am not sure what species of fern is this. I am no good in botany, i have to admit it. What i know, this ferns is delicious when it cooked with prawn paste. We collect it from their farming area nearby the river.

I noticed that some of the words in Beketan language is same as my Melanau language. It is really interesting conversations and i am lucky to have a chance to visit the Beketan longhouse.