Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spider Web & Mr. Spider

As early as 6am in the morning when we enter the forest we will see them on the ground. Sometimes we just ignore their occurrence because we want to see something more interesting without realizing that they are great as well. As part of the forest resident, i may say they are quite amazing. Below i post a few shots that i took during my recent trip into the forest of Sabah. 

This web is quite thick and big on the ground. Because of the morning mist, the web covered by the mist. 

They even make a web on the small Mimosa pudica trees. 

I love this one very much because even though the water drops on the web, it still can stays there. Quite tough structure for a spider web.

Suddenly, one of them came out. Maybe he notice my presence there and feel uncomfortable. But then, i manage to get the shots of this spider. 

See, it looks very pretty. 

I left him alone and hope i didn't step on any of them while i am walking on that trail. Anyway, it was great to realize and acknowledge they are part of the nature in any forest that i visit. Till then.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fungi Collections - Part 1

I did wrote two entries about fungi before. There were three related posts about fungi with the title WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - FUNGI, Fungi - Consumable or Poisonous? and Fungi - Consumable or Poisonous 2. But for this post i change the title to Fungi Collections because i can not give information on consumable or poisonous fungi. So, with this entry i just want my reader to see the different species or type of fungi that i found when i walk in the Borneo rain forest. To share how diverse we are with so many species of plants and animals. 

Here are three different species of fungi that i found during my recent trip to one of the forested area where i work. As far as i know these three species is not consumable but i am not sure if all of it poisonous. I can't tell more info about it. Huh! Will come up with more of my fungi photo collections after this. Enjoy!