Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Youth Mini Project -- Takakura Home Method Composting

Currently i am working on mini project for my youth. This mini project is something that related to living green, i may say. Since last year is the year that we did quite a few environmental education programme. This year seems to be a little bit slow. So then i was thinking hard (sort of..hehehe..) on what is the next project to be done. World Environment Day will be fall on 5th June 2011 but we still did not plan anything for this year celebration. Therefore, i hope this mini project will become a starting point.

Owh! I forgot that we just working together with Agriculture Department on the Green Earth Programme. That is a starting point and this mini project is the next step to the WED 2011 (okay, i am just assuming it.. no plan yet actually..). See, i am start to mumbling again. Let me just go straight to my story.

Do you ever heard of TAKAKURA HOME METHOD Composting? Wanna know more of this method? Just GOOGLE it using the Takakura Home Method Composting keyword and you will find many articles about it.

Actually, during Environmental Awareness Workshop for youth in March last year, one of our invited facilitator from Sabah Nature Club did a demo on this method. However, after that demo we did not implement or do an experiment on it. I may say that, it was my fault because i did not do a follow-up programme with my youth. Since that was happen last year, i will try my best to work it out this year! Wish me luck guys!

This coming Saturday, we will do a demo again for our youth and i hope this time we can produce an organic fertilizer from this composting. So, i will update it after we finish with the demo this coming Saturday. Wait for my update ya! Till then!