Monday, January 18, 2010

New Exploration

Tomorrow i am going into another Murut's village. Will not be alone though. Have one friends accompany me. If i told a friend about being in the remote area where lots of people still practicing their tradition, not well develop, they will ask me many many questions. Such as, Are you okay staying with them? Not afraid meh? Hey, you must be careful you know, i heard these people is not so friendly...and lots more expressions and comments from them. In the beginning i am afraid because of so many different stories i heard about them. However, so far my exploration, adventures and experience around these people is fine. Nothing much happen but i still keep my safety and politeness when i am among them. Just careful with my actions, speech, expressions etc....

So, tomorrow i will stay in another two villages where i never stayed before. I will always expect the unexpected so that i will always ready for whatever will happen while i am there. Hope i will be fine. God will always be with me though....:D