Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Hairy Friends

This two cats belong to three of us when my friends and i rent a house in Bintulu but now since two of us move out (me and the other friend) so these two cats under my friend care which still stayed at the house. This two cats was an orphan cat brought from a tree plantation nursery by our friend. It was a pair, male and female. We named them, Chum (male) and Chan (female). We like to make fun of their names, Chum-mot (comot=ugly) and Chan-tik (cantik=pretty) and now we have a new names for them. Since Chum have a stripes fur just like tiger, my friends name him Tiger-Chum. During my last visit his name reminds me of Tiger Beer so i gave Chan new name too, Vodka-Chan. Hahahaha...They like to play with boxes and this boxes was for my packings but these two cats play hide and seek inside it.

Vodka-Chan not afraid of anything. She like to climb up on this divider wall and also up on our rooftop. She only afraid of one male cat maybe belongs to our neighbor that use to flirts with her. Hehehe.. If that collar-bell cat visit her, she will run and hide inside the house.

Tiger-Chum is a pretty cat but he is not as brave as his sister. He scared of height and dislike strangers but he is a good hunter. He always come back with birds, frogs and lizards even how many times i warn and remind him to catch only rats. He won't listen. Just like a cat..:)

Mammals Species Of The World Online Database

Mammal Species of the World, 3rd edition (MSW3) is a database of mammalian taxonomy. It is hoped that this database on the World Wide Web can be used as a convenient on-line reference for identifying or verifying recognized scientific names and for taxonomic research. The names are organized in a hierarchy that includes Order, Suborder, Family, Subfamily, Genus, Species and Subspecies. Records include the following fields:

  1. Scientific name
  2. Author's name and year described
  3. Original publication citation
  4. Common name
  5. Type Species
  6. Type Locality
  7. Distribution
  9. Status
  10. Synonyms

The citation for this work is: Don E. Wilson & DeeAnn M. Reeder (editors). 2005. Mammal Species of the World. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd ed), Johns Hopkins University Press, 2,142 pp. (Available from Johns Hopkins University Press, 1-800-537-5487 or (410) 516-6900, or at

This third edition is enhanced by the identification of subspecies, and by the inclusion of authority information for all synonyms. Further information about the book and about the contents of each field can be found in the preface and introductory material.

This online list was compiled under the auspices of the American Society of Mammalogists. Copyright 2005 Johns Hopkins University Press. All rights are reserved. The data in this checklist of mammal species of the world are being presented for non-commercial, personal, and collections management use only. Copying or redistributing these data in any manner for personal or corporate gain is not permitted. A list of the authors responsible for various portions of the text can be found here.

For an analysis of new species found in the third edition see: D. M. Reeder , K. M. Helgen, and D. E. Wilson. 2007. Global Trends and Biases in New Mammal Species Discoveries. Occasional Papers, Museum of Texas Tech University, 269:1-36. pdf [ click here].

This project is in collaboration with the Division of Mammals of the Department of Vertebrate Zoology at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution and The American Society of Mammalogists.

The scientific names from the MSW3 database are available as a custom dictionary that can be used with various Microsoft Office applications. To download the dictionary, right-click on this link and choose 'Save Target As ...' (or the equivalent, depending on the browser that you are using). [Installation instructions for custom dictionaries vary depending on the version of Microsoft Office that you are using. To start, try here.] Thanks to Doug Kelt, UC Davis, for creating and sharing this dictionary.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Endemic Species List

At last i come up with this list after gone through the reference (Wilson & Reeder, 2005; Yasuma et al., 2003; Payne et al., 2000). Here is the species list for endemic species of mammals in Borneo that i got. After gone through this three reference i will say that i prefer to use Wilson & Reeder (2005) and i can't rely too much on Yasuma et al. (2003). The other one Payne et al. (2000) is more updated and only a few species not match with Wilson & Reeder (2005). I will say that the most updated and relieable source that i think i can depends on is Wilson & Reeder (2005), Mammals Species of The World. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd Eds). It is available online and can be found using this url

Hope this will give some info for those that doing zoology study and it's about mammals.

  1. Suncus ater
  2. Crocidura foetida
  3. Tupaia longipes
  4. Tupaia splendidula
  5. Tupaia montana
  6. Tupaia gracilis
  7. Tupaia picta
  8. Tupaia dorsalis
  9. Dendrogale melanura
  10. Hipposideros coxi
  11. Myotis gomantongensis
  12. Hypsugo (Pipistrellus) kitcheneri
  13. Arielulus (Pipistrellus) cuprosus
  14. Callosciurus baluensis
  15. Callosciurus adamsi
  16. Callosciurus orestes
  17. Sundasciurus jentinki
  18. Sundasciurus brookei
  19. Glyphotes simus
  20. Lariscus hosei
  21. Dremomys everetti
  22. Exilisciurus exilis
  23. Exilisciurus whiteheadi
  24. Rheithrosciurus macrotis
  25. Petaurillus hosei
  26. Petaurillus emiliae
  27. Aeromys thomasi
  28. Rattus baluensis
  29. Niviventer rapit
  30. Maxomys alticola
  31. Maxomys ochraceiventer
  32. Maxomys baeodon
  33. Chiropodomys major
  34. Chiropodomys muroides
  35. Haeromys margarettae
  36. Haeromys pusillus
  37. Pithecheirops otion
  38. Thecurus crassispinis
  39. Presbytis hosei
  40. Presbytis rubicunda
  41. Presbytis frontata
  42. Nasalis larvatus
  43. Hylobates muelleri
  44. Melogale everetti
  45. Hemigalus hosei
  46. Catopuma badia
  47. Muntiacus artherodes

Counting Species - Endemic Species Of Mammals in Borneo

Counting species. That is what i do. From my previous reference i count it is about 47 species of endemic mammals in Borneo. This is based on reference from Payne et al. (2000), Yasuma et al. (2003), Wilson & Reeder (2005) and some other articles. However, after i send it to my supervisor, he want me to recount it back. Arghh...i have to redo it again. Counting..counting and counting based on i made a few mistakes based on the distribution of each species that i list according to this online database. So, now i count about (47-2+1=46), so it is about 46 species. I add three to Yasuma et al. (2003). Again i have to figure it out. What species is that might be?

I thought i am done with this but i have to do it again. Hmmm...i don't want to pass the wrong information to my juniors in this uni. They may use my works as their reference after this. So, i have to count it correctly even though i already have a headache. My head spinning looking at this long listing. Yaiks!!!

Rainbow & Sunset

The weather is not that good today. There were lightning and some storm, with rains and after a while i saw this rainbow on the sky. This view was taken from my window at my dorm.

Then just before dusk i come out from my dorm and take a walk outside my hostel. I saw sunset. It was so beautiful.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meeting My Little Friends

I have dinner with my little friends family the night before i leave Bintulu. This little girl really love to sing and i love her very much as if she is my own niece.

This is her youngest sister but she is still not that close to me. She afraid of strangers and a little bit choosy but i love her. My cute little friend.

Here we are.....I will miss them very much. As i said to them, when i visit them next time maybe both of them already grown up an become a beautiful teenagers an i am sure i am older when that time is come..:p

Happy Hour With My Ex-Workmates

Did i mention that i am resign from my current job in Bintulu? Hmm..maybe i miss that part. So, the main purpose of my visit to Bintulu this time was to settle all my personal things before i am leaving Bintulu. Pass my resign letter to my boss, meeting my fellow friends and packing my stuff and bring it back to Sibu. Three days seems to be not enough. I have my lunch with my bestfriend and also my workmate after my last visit to the office. I am so mean actually, during our lunch, i didn't tell her that i am resigining because i don't know how to tell her. But later the next day when i visit her mom, i told her that i am leaving and she alreday knew something is happening. But, wherever i go i will always have her and her family in my heart. They are so nice to me. On that day her mom prepare me lunch.:)

We have a happening night with my officemates and my housemates at our house. It was so crazy but fun. We have one bottle of JD and B. Sort of farewell for me but whatever it is, i will always remember that night. Thank you so much for all you guys have done for me. I am sure we will still keep in touch.

Mount Hosanna Chapel

Every time i drove back to Sibu i will have a glimpse on this white building on the hill in Sri Aman Division. I always drive alone so i never notice about this sign board apposite the road, only notice there is a white building on the hill. Until this trip i stop by and took a photo of this building and know that this is a Mount Hosanna Chapel. It was because i have my friend accompany me driving this time so we stop here but not going up to the hill. Maybe next visit i will enter this chapel.

The view is so beautiful and i just love it very much. When i arrive in Bintulu i told my other friend about this white building and she told me some people went to that Chapel for a thanksgiving prayer or petition for a healing. So, i am hoping i will drop by and say prayers in this Chapel. May God bless everyone that notice this beautiful house of God. Amen.

Seven Hours Drive

I arrive at 5pm yesterday. I online for a few minutes but then i am very tired to write anything so i just do some reading without any writings. was a long drive and some more i am alone. But this is the fourth time so, i feel more brave to be alone on the long journey like that. Twice almost hit by the car from the front but i am lucky because my Guardian Angel is still take a good care of me. It was not my fault i am on the right lane but that two cars steal my lane but we are lucky nothing happen yesterday.

My visit to Bintulu was great because i manage to meet quite numbers of my friends there. My aerobic friends, my workmates, my clubbing friends and some others friends but i can not make it to join our High School Reunion at Miri on the 29th Nov. It was another 3 hours drive so i decide not to go because the next day i have to drive back to Sibu which takes 3 hours drive from Bintulu. Besides i have to pack all my stuff at Bintulu and bring back to Sibu. So many things to be settled.

Long hours of driving really test my patient and have to stay awake. At some point i didn't realize that i off the speed limit so, i hope i will not get a love letter from the traffic police. Whatever it is i enjoy my drive yesterday. Safe and sound.