Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off To Bintulu

I will be drive back to Sibu and then to Bintulu tomorrow. I will be away for a few days and maybe looking for more new things too. But actually i am going to meet my friends and doing some stuff back to Bintulu. I have so many plan to do there but i have so limited time for that. Anyway, time is something but even it is so little time as long as i use it wisely, i am sure i can have great time with my friends there before i leave.

For sure i miss to write something in my blog too. Until next Monday, then i will be able to write here again. For sure i will miss reading and following my friends activity in their blogs too. Nevermind, i will cope with that later. The main things to do now, drive carefully and arrive safely to my destination tomorrow. Till then.....Bintulu i come...

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Palm Beach

This is the Palm Beach at Sematan, Kuching. As usual when it is the first time, i will enjoy it so much. Kind of interesting because it's almost a few years i didn't swim at the beach. Wow! Now i realize that i was always in the jungle and enjoying nature there. I went to Bintulu beach (Tjg. Batu, Similajau, Bintulu Promenade) but never enter the water because it was too risky. There was a few cases of drawn at Tjg. Batu so i don't want to take that risk. By the way, i really like this beach. Just ignore my presence in that photo and you can see how beautiful the sea is. There are two island behind and it is for turtle conservation so it is not recreational island.

I was so stunned by this beautiful beach so i forgot to take more photos and i just swim and swim and swim. Playing around with the strong waves. There were a few friends of my friend trying to surf here and they did it very well because the waves is huge and strong that day. I am not sure if i still have a chance to go to this beautiful beach again but maybe some other beach after this. As always, travel and adventure will never ends....

Climbing Lesson

He teach us on how to do the belay means that the one that responsible on the ground while the partner is doing the climb. I never done this one before because i am small and light so i can't lift the climbers that heavier than me.

This is the first time for Phil to do the belay so i help him just to cover up in case he loose the rope. While he climb he is telling us on the right skills of climbing. Always push up the body using feet and not trying too hard to reach up using hands because it will make our arms muscle over stretch. That is what happen to me because i never care on where i put my feet as long as my hand can reach something above my head.

This is the tricky part for this climb wall because we have to figure out what is the best position for our feet so that our hands can reach the secret holes above our head. This is where i always have difficulties and for this trip i only success once for two try.

Aha..this is some of the members for this climb and i met up with my long lost senior in high school after almost 12 years and lucky i still can recognize her. Small world..:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Climb Wall

This wall is the toughest wall for a beginner like me and actually there is a different level at this wall too. The Chimney wall is the easiest one amongst the other three at this wall. All the senior climbers are doing their climbing here. As for me, i am not doing this one because it is very tough for me. So for this time i only climb at the Baby wall. I am still crawling because i am a baby..hehehehe..

The Baby wall have two level here. The one on the right side is really easy because there is a lots of holes that i can stick my finger in and put my feet on. However, the other one is harder because there is one part that i can't find a good place to put my feet on and for the first try i finish this climb but for the second time, i am quit. I think because i am hungry, it is almost lunch time so lack of energy. For this second time join them, i feel it is quite good because i learn some more new things.