Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mount Hosanna Chapel

Every time i drove back to Sibu i will have a glimpse on this white building on the hill in Sri Aman Division. I always drive alone so i never notice about this sign board apposite the road, only notice there is a white building on the hill. Until this trip i stop by and took a photo of this building and know that this is a Mount Hosanna Chapel. It was because i have my friend accompany me driving this time so we stop here but not going up to the hill. Maybe next visit i will enter this chapel.

The view is so beautiful and i just love it very much. When i arrive in Bintulu i told my other friend about this white building and she told me some people went to that Chapel for a thanksgiving prayer or petition for a healing. So, i am hoping i will drop by and say prayers in this Chapel. May God bless everyone that notice this beautiful house of God. Amen.
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