Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Hairy Friends

This two cats belong to three of us when my friends and i rent a house in Bintulu but now since two of us move out (me and the other friend) so these two cats under my friend care which still stayed at the house. This two cats was an orphan cat brought from a tree plantation nursery by our friend. It was a pair, male and female. We named them, Chum (male) and Chan (female). We like to make fun of their names, Chum-mot (comot=ugly) and Chan-tik (cantik=pretty) and now we have a new names for them. Since Chum have a stripes fur just like tiger, my friends name him Tiger-Chum. During my last visit his name reminds me of Tiger Beer so i gave Chan new name too, Vodka-Chan. Hahahaha...They like to play with boxes and this boxes was for my packings but these two cats play hide and seek inside it.

Vodka-Chan not afraid of anything. She like to climb up on this divider wall and also up on our rooftop. She only afraid of one male cat maybe belongs to our neighbor that use to flirts with her. Hehehe.. If that collar-bell cat visit her, she will run and hide inside the house.

Tiger-Chum is a pretty cat but he is not as brave as his sister. He scared of height and dislike strangers but he is a good hunter. He always come back with birds, frogs and lizards even how many times i warn and remind him to catch only rats. He won't listen. Just like a cat..:)
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