Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As we walk through the dark night we saw one bird sleeping on the small tree branch. Trying not to disturb it, we slowly move towards it and take photos with it. It is so funny because the bird didn't notice our presence there or it pretend to be dead on that branch.

I try to touch it and i can touch it's fur. It doesn't move too. However, we didn't know what species of birds is it even though we are very close to it because we can not see it clearly. It's crawl it's head under it's flight feather and looks like a round ball.

Hahaha..this one is so funny. This is the first snake that i successfully caught and it is the first time i try to catch snake. This is only a small snake and i was terrified by it. I was very scared and nervous when i hold it in my hand. Because i have SNAKE PHOBIA. I try to overcome my phobia and at last i catch this snake. I will never forget this experienced. (Photo Credit: Joanes)
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