Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr. Crab wanted to say HI....!!!

Photo taken at Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society, Kota Kinabalu
I would like to apologize for being silence for soooooo damn long. I did not meant to but i really did not have sources to be written here for that period of time. I am too much with the community job until i did not have time for my own passion, the nature. So, please forgive me. Therefore, i ask Mr. Crab to wave it's huge left hand to say HI and SORRY for you. I met him at the one and only wetland conservation centre left in the middle of Kota Kinabalu City in Sabah, North Borneo. This was during the environmental education programme for teachers organized by EPD and SEEN members early this month. 

Proudly here to announce to you guys that i am BACK to my PASSION. By Oct 1st, i will officially back to my previous nature of job CONSERVATION. I get back my title as a CONSERVATIONIST. As for now only the title but the knowledge, skills and experience, i need to get them all back as soon as i get back on track. If you ask me if i am happy? Hmmmm.. I am not really sure yet because since 2009 i left this field and i began to love my community work. Will see how i get going and i will share my adventure along my work with the mother nature began October 2012. 

Wish me luck guys! I need your prayer. May God bless me and guide me along this path. Amen.

Happy Mode!!!...