Sunday, September 18, 2011

#6 Walking Through Nature/ Villages

This is my current trip to Ulu Tomani, Tenom. I think i did mention about my work in five villages at Ulu Tomani before. But, what i want to share today is my recent trip to this village. What did i encounter through my walk? What interesting things i want to share with you guys throughout my walk? Yeah... this is cool!

The fruit of Torch Ginger. 
One of the menu for the day. The Torch Ginger fruits. See my previous post on Etlingera eliator about this ginger species. It is very sour and i like it though. Mix up with some chillies, it is delicious. Nyam..nyam..

Preparing coconut milk using the manual method. 
This reminds me of my mum at home. She use the same method to prepare coconut milk. It take some times but this is one way to get the white flesh of the coconut fruit to get the coconut milk (i hope i explain the right info... if not sure then you can Google for info... :-)..)

Indigenous Mustard Green (Sabi) 
I really love this veggie. It is bitter taste but still yummy for me. :-). In Sarawak, this veggie is famous among the Iban ethnic. You can read more about how Iban people prepare the salted Mustard Green here Salted Ensabi.

Learn how to weave.
 Most the activities were weaving. There were visitors from another district to this village during my visit. So, the Murut community at Alutok, Ulu Tomani teach these visitors how to weave. They start to exchange their expertise and it makes me happy. Yay!

Can you see the fish?
This part is the most exciting because the fish is tamer now. We can feed them at our hands. Yah! I love playing with this fish though.. :-)

This one is big now.
So, that is what i found along my walk to this village. I hope you enjoy walking with me. Till then! God bless. 

With Love,
Rose Ragai