Friday, May 17, 2013

#1 – Conquering Mount Kinabalu the Series

It has been a while I am not writing anything in this blog. I traveled a lot these past few months and doing so many interesting adventures with nature. I love what I am doing even though it’s did not give me a good return in term of salary but the exposure and learning experience is priceless.

Photo taken in front of the Kinabalu Park Office

Mount Kinabalu…. Did you ever heard about it yet? If not, then allow me to bring you walking through my journey up on the mountain started from 21st February until 19th March 2013.

Let’s talk about the mountain first because I really want you guys out there to be familiar with this mountain before I continue with my whole journey.

Mount Kinabalu located on the Borneo Island, the third largest island in the world. The Borneo Island comprise of three different countries, Indonesia (Kalimantan), Brunei and Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). On which land of these three countries is this mountain located? Well, it’s located in Sabah, Malaysia which is also known as the Land Below the Wind. There is 13 peaks of this mountain (which I already forget the names most of it and I apologize for that) with the Low’s Peak is the highest peak with 4, 095 m above sea level. So with this height, it makes the Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak in South East Asia (I am proud of it, I am telling you, very very much proud!) Locals that lives in this land believes this mountain have its own story (like a myth stories, a legend). The local community resides around this mountain is the Dusun people. So, who took care of this mountain? The entity that becomes the guardian of this mountain is the Sabah Parks. Almost all the staff that working with Sabah Parks is the Dusun people, one of the indigenous people of Sabah.

The Mount Kinabalu is one of the famous attractions for the mountain climbers, naturalist, researchers and photographers. Just to let you know, Sabah is very famous with the nature attraction for tourist. If you want to see nature, you must put Sabah in your list and of course Mount Kinabalu (ehem… am I doing my job as Malaysian by promoting this Mountain? I think so!). Wanna know more about Mount Kinbalu? Just Google it and you will find thousands of people taking about it and to let you know too, there is about 70,000 climbers climb this mountain annually. Therefore, I am sure a lot of people write a story about it with astounding photographs.

I think this is the beginning story of my journey. Keep an eye for my new posts about this marvelous journey on this mountain. I have lots of stories to share. Till then!!!...