Saturday, November 15, 2008

BINTULU...the beach

This is the sunset at Bintulu Promenade where i use to jogging and sometimes just sit there with my friend. Viewing this beautiful scenery.

Tanjung Batu beach is also a nice place to watch the sunset. It is just 10 minutes drive from Bintulu town.

I took it at the same postion but this one looks very nice....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Myself & Malay Civet

My friend send this photo to me a few days ago. I like it though and it is just for fun. He play with the photo editing and this is the result. It was a photo of myself holding Malay Civet. This is for small carnivore study that done by one of our partner in our research works. It was my first time holding lively Malay Civet in my hand (by the way, it was anesthetized using some drugs). If it is not, i will not dare to hold it in my arms like that. For sure it will bite me.

As usual, i will say it was a great experienced and lucky i have one. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

PDF File Download

I am trying to download one journal that i really need for my reference but i tried a few times and i keep can't download it. This is really make me lost my patient. I am here in my uni because i thought it will be easier for me to find reference and i can use internet access to the journal online. Sometimes, i think this library didn't work as it suppose to work for us, students. I am studying ecology and i have problem to search for ecology reference here. It was so limited but to think positively, it is already quite good though...But this time i really piss off...huh!!
Somebody help me to get this article......

Colwell, R. K., and Coddington, J. A. 1994. Estimating terrestrial biodiversity
through extrapolation. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (Series B)

Dolphin's Carving or Diving?

Not only terrestrial animals but aquatic animals is my favorite too. I really hope that one day i can touch this animal means that i can see it for real again. When i was a little kid, there was one family of this animal used to swim pass by our village when the water level is high and the salty water from the sea enter our river. There was a few times they enter our river but there was no more now. It is about in early 90s.

So, my next things to do is go for diving. I will do it but still not sure when. New things is really interesting and new adventure means i really have to go for it..:)

Malay Civet (Viverra tangalunga)

Mid this year, i join my friend to do camera traps inspection and we go for night survey in the plantation. We are very eager to go for that night survey but then when we enter our vehicle, we realize that our spotlight is not working because of the connection failure. So, my friend became a McGyver and he connect the wire directly to the battery so our spotlight is working. We continue to do our survey in the plantation area. There is where we saw this Malay Civet (Viverra tangalunga). The funny things is this animal keep on walking nearby the road even though we are there and we can see clearly what it is doing. We observed it for about 10 minutes and then it left us.

However, we can not take a good photo of it because i am not good in operate our camera. It was keep moving on the ground and i am in our vehicle trying to take the very best view of it. But, i took a very bad photos and my friend took these two photos. It quite good because we still can see the morphological characters of this animal. It is still clearly can be identified as Malay Civet though. It was a great experienced but we have to turn back after a while because it was raining after that.