Thursday, November 13, 2008

Malay Civet (Viverra tangalunga)

Mid this year, i join my friend to do camera traps inspection and we go for night survey in the plantation. We are very eager to go for that night survey but then when we enter our vehicle, we realize that our spotlight is not working because of the connection failure. So, my friend became a McGyver and he connect the wire directly to the battery so our spotlight is working. We continue to do our survey in the plantation area. There is where we saw this Malay Civet (Viverra tangalunga). The funny things is this animal keep on walking nearby the road even though we are there and we can see clearly what it is doing. We observed it for about 10 minutes and then it left us.

However, we can not take a good photo of it because i am not good in operate our camera. It was keep moving on the ground and i am in our vehicle trying to take the very best view of it. But, i took a very bad photos and my friend took these two photos. It quite good because we still can see the morphological characters of this animal. It is still clearly can be identified as Malay Civet though. It was a great experienced but we have to turn back after a while because it was raining after that.
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