Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Rock Climbing...It's ROCK

On Sunday, i joined my friend and his groups to Fairy Cave at Bau for rock climbing. I met six new friends and they were all crazy about rock climbing. They keep talking about bolts and everything about rock climbing and i am lost in the middle of them because i don't know what is that all about. When we reach at the site there are three new climbers (include me) and one of the senior teach us at the baby climb wall. It is not that high and it looks easy and it is easy and i can reach the top very fast. She teach us on the command that they use, what gear that we should have and how to operate it. I still confused with the command. Climb on, Take, Taken....something like that. The picture above is the Chimney Climb and it is not easy.

I climb at Baby Climb once and it is easy. Then i climb once next to Baby Climb but that one is not that easy and i have to put up my effort to climb up. This Chimney Climb is really piss me off. I quit in the middle of it and ask my friend to lift me down but they keep on pushing me to keep on and they won't lift me down. I have difficulties at three part of this wall. Because i don't know where to put my feet and where to put my hand. I don't know where to grab. All is so flat, no hole. When i stop for the third time, it is really close to the top. It is just about half meter and i almost give up again. But then i realize one thing about myself when i was at that position. I always like that, give up when i almost get there. I fight with my own emotions at that time and use my energy to lift my body up and at last i grab the last point and i reach the top. Hmm...i can do it no matter how difficult it was. It does give me self motivation.

On the way back to Kuching we stop by the abandon lake (mining activity was held here before) and we have refreshing at this beautiful lake. This is the photo surrounding the lake. It quite beautiful and peaceful.

This is the lake and my friend practice her kayak here. All of them are very crazy about outdoors activity and glad to know them. Three from Australia, one from Indonesia, one from German, one from Bintulu and one from US. I have a great time swimming here with the bird's call and the clean air to breath in.

There were no photo of myself because i forgot to ask my other friends to take it for me. But i have a very good photo of it in my memory. These two days, i have a muscle pain and it really painful but that is what i have to pay..hahahahah...

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