Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rock Climbing and Swim at the Beach

I call my fried to inform him that i wil not join their trip tomorrow for rock climbing because i am afraid that i will suffer the muscle pain again. However, when he told me that they will going to the beach after the rock climb, i am very excited. It's been a while i didn't go for a swim at the beach. So, i decide to go instead of doing nothing tomorrow.
It will be so much fun and for sure i will take a photo of it. The beach will be a new place for me because i never been to any beach in Kuching before. Hmm..can't wait for the new things, new place and new adventure.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What Is In My Mind?

This is the wild animal called Small-toothed Palm Civet (Arctogalidia trivirgata) and it was kept by local people for about two years. The story behind of this little creature kept by local people as a pets is that, it was a juvenile when they found it on the tree that they cut for log and it's mum was dead. So, they bring it home and kept is as a pets. Wild animal as a pets? Hmmm...i prefer to see them in the forest even though it is very difficult to observed them but it was an interesting things to do. Trying to understand their life likes in the forest, in their own home territory, habitat. When we understand more how this animals funtcion in the ecosystem then we will know how to appreciate their existence in the forest. Hmm..what am i mumbling here? I think better to let them in their own space of life.

Domestic animals....cats. I think this is Persian cat, that sold in the market. I am not really bother about domestic animals because they are meant to be pets so we can keep them at home. But, have to take a good care of them. Giving foods, shelter and make sure their are in a good health. They are our responsibility if we decide to have one of them.

See this little dog face? He really want to come out from this cage and asking for an owner. Anybody? Please buy me and give me home. Hmmm...soon it will be.

I Got The Aerial Photo of Rajang River

Ops...there is an aeroplane wing in the photo, not a best shot but it shows i am on the plane taking this photo..i don't have so much outdoor activities right now and i found a few photos that i have taken before. This is a photo of Rajang River in Sibu area.

This one is the main Rajang River basin (i think so) and it really looks very amazing from the air.

Aha..i like this one...the tributary from the main river. It looks really nice, it is just look like a tree branch..:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Miss Going Out Into The Jungle

This feeling come again. When i read other blogs especially when they share about their experienced going into the forest and doing observation, i envy it very much. I wish i can do it here but the main problem with me is that i am not brave enough to explore alone. I know several national parks and forest reserve in this area but there is no one can accompany me. A few days ago, my Supervisor told me that they have a field trip to Belaga area doing some mist netting for bats and birds. At first, he invited me to join their team but then he cancel it because he want me to concentrate on my writings. Hmm..looks like it will be a long time i am stranded in this concrete forest.

Oh ya, my friend ask me to go for rock climbing again this coming Sunday but i am not decide yet. Going or not going? From my last trip, i was suffered muscle pain for about one week so that's make me think twice. My right hand is really painfull and i have to use both hands to change gear when i am driving (this is for the first two days after rock climb). So, i will decide later whether i will make it or not.
By the way, i still hope i can go out and doing some observation in the forest. I don't want to lost my skills and my memory in identify mammals, frogs, birds....still have to do lots of practice.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Better Law for Wildlife in Malaysia Petition

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Better Law for Wildlife in Malaysia"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition
service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.

Best wishes,

Rose Ragai

What Would You Say When You See This?

As i walk through the street i saw this animals using Santa Claus accessories and i am quite surprise saw it. The owner told me that this dog really like to use coutfits and it have several more collections, seems to be for every festive season he have one at least.

He looks sad though in this outfit maybe because it can't moves freely. We can't tell what he feels because animals can't talk but we can see from how it behave. It was walking very slow and it's face is not happy at all.

But when i get closer to it, it want to be friendly. Hmm...pity for this little dog.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sea Horse in the market?

Now i am not walking in the forest or am swimming in the sea but i am walking on the street and i found this little creature. It is a sea horse and it is supposed to be in the water, in the sea particularly. Hmm..people sell it for medicine and i am not sure for what kind of illness. This is really a lot but i forgot to ask how much they sell it per kilo.

I am not quite sure if this is legal or illegal to be sell openly in the market like this. So, pity for this little creature. I never saw any of it lively in the sea but hopefully when i have a chance to divi in the deep sea i will have a chance to see it alive not dead like this. Very sorry to see things like this.

Biological Diversity

I have a very complicated thought in these few days in understanding this topic. I am doing some reading on related articles includes Magurran (2004). I get through her book a few times and only understand a few days ago. Only now I understand why I need to do sampling. I get the raw data and this data will give me much more information about the communities in that selected areas that have been sampled. Okay, what I have understood?

Biological Diversity
- the great variety of life

Biological diversity can be quantified in many different ways and Magurran (2004) has been reviewed so many publication on this term and she define biological diversity as “the variety and abundance of species in a defined unit of study” in her book Measuring Biological Diversity.

The two main factors taken into account when measuring diversity are richness and evenness.

So, different author will define this concept in different ways and sometimes i think it is depends on what field is the person are specialized in., when i read more publications there will be different ways of they describe it but then i prefer to follow Magurran (2004) because her definition fits my work. This will be great.