Monday, November 17, 2008

Biological Diversity

I have a very complicated thought in these few days in understanding this topic. I am doing some reading on related articles includes Magurran (2004). I get through her book a few times and only understand a few days ago. Only now I understand why I need to do sampling. I get the raw data and this data will give me much more information about the communities in that selected areas that have been sampled. Okay, what I have understood?

Biological Diversity
- the great variety of life

Biological diversity can be quantified in many different ways and Magurran (2004) has been reviewed so many publication on this term and she define biological diversity as “the variety and abundance of species in a defined unit of study” in her book Measuring Biological Diversity.

The two main factors taken into account when measuring diversity are richness and evenness.

So, different author will define this concept in different ways and sometimes i think it is depends on what field is the person are specialized in., when i read more publications there will be different ways of they describe it but then i prefer to follow Magurran (2004) because her definition fits my work. This will be great.

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