Friday, November 21, 2008

What Is In My Mind?

This is the wild animal called Small-toothed Palm Civet (Arctogalidia trivirgata) and it was kept by local people for about two years. The story behind of this little creature kept by local people as a pets is that, it was a juvenile when they found it on the tree that they cut for log and it's mum was dead. So, they bring it home and kept is as a pets. Wild animal as a pets? Hmmm...i prefer to see them in the forest even though it is very difficult to observed them but it was an interesting things to do. Trying to understand their life likes in the forest, in their own home territory, habitat. When we understand more how this animals funtcion in the ecosystem then we will know how to appreciate their existence in the forest. Hmm..what am i mumbling here? I think better to let them in their own space of life.

Domestic animals....cats. I think this is Persian cat, that sold in the market. I am not really bother about domestic animals because they are meant to be pets so we can keep them at home. But, have to take a good care of them. Giving foods, shelter and make sure their are in a good health. They are our responsibility if we decide to have one of them.

See this little dog face? He really want to come out from this cage and asking for an owner. Anybody? Please buy me and give me home. Hmmm...soon it will be.
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