Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Photo taken at hilly paddy field (padi bukit)
at Alutok, Ulu Tomani, Tenom
Photo taken at village rubber plantation
at Alutok, Ulu Tomani, Tenom

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nature Center Magazine -- Nature Site of the Week

First of all i want to say that I AM SURPRISE!! I am not actively update this blog anymore because i didn't have any recent discoveries of any animals, plants, nice sceneries or views. As i dedicate this blog for my walk deep into the rainforest of Borneo with all the experiences and adventures that i encountered through it. Even though, i am not doing research on wildlife and plants anymore, my heart is still strongly towards the nature. That is the reason this blog still talking about nature, plants and animals live within it.

I want to thank Emma Springfield for write about this blog and featured it in Nature Site Of The Week in their website Nature Center Magazine. I am surprise because this is a very rare opportunity besides i thought my blog is not interesting with my broken English and messy Grammar. (^__*). Anyway, i want to say thanks to Emma and the team in Nature Center Magazine. Thanks to Ratty because i know you are one of my best buddy in this blogosphere. You always visit and drop comments, encouragement words i may say in this blog since i learn how to blog back in 2008. You inspired me with your adventure in your site The Everyday Adventurer. So, THANK YOU very much from the bottom of my heart guys. You made my day! Yay!

Will share more of my exploration in the Bornean rainforest ya! Till then!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Flowery Friend - Liparis wrayi

Photo taken at Muaya Waterfall, Sipitang
It has been more than a week i didn't wrote here. Today i want to share a little bit about one of the Orchid that we found last year. This is the terrestrial orchid species. They grow on the ground. Actually before this i only known that orchid grows on trees and never on the ground. But when i joined one of scientific expedition with UMS last year, i learn a little bit about orchid from a botanist friend that working on orchids of Borneo.

She told me that orchid did grow on the ground and using soil as the substrate to growth. This is a new thing for me and i find it is interesting, though.

This one is a tiny orchid, only about 15cm height and the flower also tiny. But they are pretty as you can see in the photo above. The scientific name is Liparis wrayi. I tride to Google to get more info on this orchid but can't found any details info about it.

So, then i leave you guys till here. Have a good day and I Love Orchids.. (",)