Friday, January 16, 2009

I Am Giving A Public Talk

I was a bit surprised yesterday when my boss mentioned to me that I have to replace the speaker for a public talk. This is my last task here before I am leaving and actually today is my last day. The previous speaker is about to talk on common agricultural pesticides and their effects. I have to replace him since he can’t make it because of sudden family emergency. I am a little bit nervous because it was a last minute replacement but then I think it is a good opportunity for me to spread the knowledge that I have to the public.

So many things come out in my mind and lastly I decide to talk about this topic, SMALL MAMMALS: A NEGLECTED GROUP OF CONSERVATION CONCERN? But now I am not sure what should I put in these slides. Never mind I think I will have great things to share with my audience. I know my friends will support me.

Here is the link to the society that arranges this talk and actually not much info about what I am going to presents. It’s okay. This is the blog: Sarawak Natural Science Society.
I will share what will going on tomorrow. Till then..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go For It, Don't Think Twice

Why I sound very keen to explore the marine life? I can say that I am not yet finish with my adventure with the terrestrial (forest) because there are still lots more to discover.

This thinking was come out in my mind; my life is in God’s hand so any time He can call me back to Him. I don’t want to loose the opportunity that He has given me in this world and cherish every moment of it. Some people say, live your life to the fullest. Then, I will try to do it too.

Marine life is still a stranger to me. I know only a little bit of it when I study the Aquatic Ecosystem during my study period in university. But I never had a chance to go out and discover how beautiful the underwater world is. Seeing it by myself and feel it makes me more appreciate our mother nature, no matter it is in the water or inland.

If we still have the chance of doing what we really want to do, don’t think twice, just go for it! We don’t know what will awaits for us tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Swimming with Dolphin

Before this I was talking about something that I already done but now I would like to talk about something that I dream of doing in future. It is not wrong to dream and strive for that dream to make it come true. I am not dreaming something big but something where my interests are. I don’t know how and when I will achieve it but I have to put my belief in myself. Believe that I will achieve it.
In my previous post i did mentioned about diving and i really want to see what is there inside the deep sea. Photos show us how beautiful is life underwater but seeing it with my own eyes will make me more satisfied. I am searching for photos that show people swimming with dolphins and it makes me more interested to learn how to dive.

When I was a child I saw a pair of dolphin enters our river in my village. It was in early 90s and I never saw it again after that. Where are they now? Why they not entered our river anymore? The simple answer is that, maybe because of the pollution in our river or they already traps in fisherman nets. I don’t have the answer but I just guessing.

Ok, back to swimming with dolphins. I found these two great websites and they have a great info and photos about dolphins and other nature photos.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Am In the TAGGED Game!

Ratty from The Everyday Adventurer has invited me to participate in this game, TAG. I still remember one of the blogger I follow Christie Lyn has invited me with something which is similar with this, 5 Things Meme. That one is much simpler but I am not sure how this game works. Since my friend, Ratty invited me again, then I will try to involve with this game. Before that I think I have to put a link to his post: I’ve Been Tagged. Ok, let keep on going with this game.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random and/or revealing things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog

6. Let the tagger know when your post entry is up on your site.

6 Random Things about me

1. How do i start here? I am the youngest in my family which i have 3 brothers and 5 sisters. I think i have a big family. If Ratty have difficulties in revealing his private life, i am very open person and i like to share my life experienced with my friends because i believe in sharing will inspired others.

2. I am still not finished my dissertation for my MSc and i am already way behind my graduate schedule.Sad sad sad....:'(

3. I have mix blood with Chinese and maybe that is why i have Chinese looks. Ahaks....!!

4. Arghh...i already tell a lot about my life in my blog..what else i have to share here? Hmm...i love wild animals but i like to try wild meats. I have tried Flying Foxes, Phyton, Soft-shell Turtle..opss...:)..but i don't like to eat them. I just want try and taste it....

6. Finally, i enjoy live bands performance and hang out with my dearest friends....:D

Here's My 6 Tag Links

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4. Discomfort Zone

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6. Divinely Designed

I think that's it for this game and hopefully the six people that i tagged will keep this game on-going. Happy Tagging!!! :D

My Dream, My Adventure, My Journey

Enough on refresh back my memories. It is time to write about the next dream, the next adventure, and the next journey that I am going to do.

Marine Life is one of the other sides of nature that I want to explore. I am dreaming of swimming with the dolphins in the sea. I only have an experienced snorkeling at two recreational islands in Sabah, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Manukan. Both have a nice place for a beginner like me. But, it is not enough for me. I want more of marine life. I want to swim with the dolphins, turtles, barracudas and eyeing on the coral reefs with the little fish hiding in between the beautiful reefs. Maybe I will lucky enough to observe other amazing creature in the sea. is just a dream and I will make sure to make it come true before end of this year.

Sea horse..looks very unique and i have no ideas of this animal yet. This photo i grab from Southern Maryland Online website.

Coral Reef: The Rainforest of the ocean... There are so many hidden treasures in spite of its beauty. I grab the photo from Solcomhouse website. I really admire the beauty of the coral reef ecosystem.

Last but not least, i want to swim with the dolphin...Be close and touch their skin...I grab this photo from Whale-images website.
My dream will come true. When there is a will, there is a way.

Once Upon A Time

I want to share a little bit story of my childhood since i found quite a few of my old time photos. It may look funny and maybe ashamed but sharing just for remembrance and remind myself of why i fell in love with animals. I used to have dogs and cats as a pets but it is fine. Dogs and cats are domestic animals so not a big deal to have them as our pets. But, i am more interested to have wild animals as my pets but it is not easy to have them. I have to look for a young birds or young civets from the wild to raise. I like to play with my pets or my sister pets. The photo above shows that i have fun with my sister's dog.

After a long day playing with this little kitten, we both feel sleepy and we take a nap. Actually this kitten was borrowed from my neighbor's granddaughter and late afternoon i will sent it back to her. Heheheh...i dare to borrow a cat since i don't have one. My mum not allowed me to have cat because i got an asthma when i was a little kids because of cat's fur. last i got wild bird to be my beloved pets. This is the Imperial Pigeon and i take it from our rambutan tree in our orchard. It was a young bird with only a few full developed flight feather when i took him. I named him Fantagiro because at that time i am not sure whether this bird was she or he. But then my sister gave it another name, Zorro and we called him Zorro after that. I can put him on my hand but i will always got scar on my hand because of it's sharp nails.

Usually when it was going to rain, he really want to have a shower and i will give him a shower. See how he enjoying his sun bath too...ops..noo...he is drying his feather after having his shower. Zorro died after eight years with me. I am not sure why but maybe because it is old. I don't know how long it's life span but for me to keep him for eight years was so great. I have beautiful memories when i kept him and i always want to set him free but i know he will not survived alone in the forest. He is not fit enough because he is not trained to look for his own food. That is why i will not keep wild animals as my pets anymore. I rather set them free and observed them in the wild.

Monday, January 12, 2009

With The Local People

Traditional method of hunting wildlife that used by Iban people. Snares was used to captured bearded pig, samber deer or any large mammals that unlucky walked passed through this snares. I was doing some sort of survey of traditional methods that local people used to hunt widlife for food consumption.

Delivering invitation letter to the head of longhouses for our Sustainable Use of Fish and Wildlife Workshop. We have to delivered it ourself because the place they live was still far from the accessible roads.

Met one couple that went back from their orchard and they captured one soft-shell turtle.

Arranging our luggage on the jetty before entered the long boat. We were heading to the longhouse using the long boats.

Meeting the young generations that we will rely on the future of our nations. The future of our mother nature.

Getting drunk after a few sips of rice wine at the Iban longhouse..argh...

The Iban warrior or an elderly man in the longhouse with lots of tattoos on his body.