Friday, January 16, 2009

I Am Giving A Public Talk

I was a bit surprised yesterday when my boss mentioned to me that I have to replace the speaker for a public talk. This is my last task here before I am leaving and actually today is my last day. The previous speaker is about to talk on common agricultural pesticides and their effects. I have to replace him since he can’t make it because of sudden family emergency. I am a little bit nervous because it was a last minute replacement but then I think it is a good opportunity for me to spread the knowledge that I have to the public.

So many things come out in my mind and lastly I decide to talk about this topic, SMALL MAMMALS: A NEGLECTED GROUP OF CONSERVATION CONCERN? But now I am not sure what should I put in these slides. Never mind I think I will have great things to share with my audience. I know my friends will support me.

Here is the link to the society that arranges this talk and actually not much info about what I am going to presents. It’s okay. This is the blog: Sarawak Natural Science Society.
I will share what will going on tomorrow. Till then..
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