Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go For It, Don't Think Twice

Why I sound very keen to explore the marine life? I can say that I am not yet finish with my adventure with the terrestrial (forest) because there are still lots more to discover.

This thinking was come out in my mind; my life is in God’s hand so any time He can call me back to Him. I don’t want to loose the opportunity that He has given me in this world and cherish every moment of it. Some people say, live your life to the fullest. Then, I will try to do it too.

Marine life is still a stranger to me. I know only a little bit of it when I study the Aquatic Ecosystem during my study period in university. But I never had a chance to go out and discover how beautiful the underwater world is. Seeing it by myself and feel it makes me more appreciate our mother nature, no matter it is in the water or inland.

If we still have the chance of doing what we really want to do, don’t think twice, just go for it! We don’t know what will awaits for us tomorrow.
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