Monday, January 12, 2009

With The Local People

Traditional method of hunting wildlife that used by Iban people. Snares was used to captured bearded pig, samber deer or any large mammals that unlucky walked passed through this snares. I was doing some sort of survey of traditional methods that local people used to hunt widlife for food consumption.

Delivering invitation letter to the head of longhouses for our Sustainable Use of Fish and Wildlife Workshop. We have to delivered it ourself because the place they live was still far from the accessible roads.

Met one couple that went back from their orchard and they captured one soft-shell turtle.

Arranging our luggage on the jetty before entered the long boat. We were heading to the longhouse using the long boats.

Meeting the young generations that we will rely on the future of our nations. The future of our mother nature.

Getting drunk after a few sips of rice wine at the Iban longhouse..argh...

The Iban warrior or an elderly man in the longhouse with lots of tattoos on his body.

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