Friday, September 4, 2015

Amazed by The Big Trees

As we walk through the dense Borneo tropical rainforest, I was amazed by seeing lots of remaining big trees. In my heart I was praying that, this trees will not be cut down for the next hundred years. Let it stays there until nature itself work out on it. Development must be in a sustainable way and I am pretty sure that Sarawak forests only have a few thousand hectares left for the rest is already develop for agriculture and logged.

Photo taken with Samsung Note 3 Camera
As a conservationist or field biologist myself, I easily get emotional when I see irresponsible development activities that give a very bad impacts to the forest and the living things resides inside it. I still have many things to learn from the forest and yet, too little left. If I myself didn't have a chance to discover and explore this amazing forests we have, what more left for our next generations.

Well, we who are living the moments, must think and act wisely because what we did now will give impacts to our children in future.

Amazed by Nature,
Rose Ragai