Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do You Know Who I Am?

Way back in September 2009, i was involved in field research with Sabah Museum. On the last day, i was too excited to follow museum staff to see how they set up medium size mammals trap. Along the way, i keep chit chatting with George. He is looking after fish collections at the museum. While talking i notice the movements of greenish thing on the leaves of the small trees on my right side. To be honest i still can't stand snakes. This snake is small and short. It is about 30cm long. And i am scared of it.

So, George catch it with his bare hands. We get the snake and bring it to our friends Pat and Fred. We show the snake to both of them and they not sure what is the species.

When we leave back to our camp and prepare the specimen, they still can't confirm the species. I think i forgot to keep the update from them till today. I am not sure if they find out what species of snake is this. I am no good in snake identification so can't help much.

Till then.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Environmental Awareness Workshop for Youth - Part One

I think i almost forget to share about the green programme that we organized for our youths two weeks ago. Seems to be it was yesterday we finished the training.  Nevermind, allow me to share some of my great moments with them and not so good moments.

It was my first time organized such a programme and it was a bit mess here and there. However, i am grateful because i have colleagues and friends to help me most of the time. Help me with the preparation and support me when i already feel down and thought that i will not make it. Hey guys! Thank you so much for your never ending support (walaupun aku dah macam maok give up dah time ya..huhu).

Get helping hands from youths that participate in our workshop set up the banner a week before the programme started [Thank you Chal, Noel & Etherly for your help]. 

The objectives of this workshop were:
  1. To create environmental awareness among youths/students and reinforce responsible behavior that supports a cleaner living environment, sustainable resources, good public health in schools and all surrounding areas.
  2. To empower the environmental capacity of youths through activating and acquainting them with their natural environment with various methods to sustain it.
  3. To create environmental leaders who can pass on their knowledge and behavior to others in their schools and local society.
  4. To develop environmental skills of youths by imparting them with basic knowledge and experiences needed to support environmental conservation and sustainable resources.
Okay, that is the idea why we need this workshop. We need more young generations that sensitive to the environments around them.

Are they really get it? Are they successfully absorb all the information and ideas that have been given to them through this four days workshop? Hmmm..... me, myself wonder what is actually they get from this workshop? 

Sometimes it is easy to explain by words, in our writing or speaking but how about ACTION? Do you think they will practice it? It is difficult when people (especially adults) around you didn't do the things that they told you (youths/students) to do. Am i right? [me, myself still struggling on how to make a difference myself guys, never stop trying, ok].

How about, buying your meals/food (tapau) by bringing your own food container? Rather than using those polystyrene container? Or, bring your own shopping bag to a supermarket rather than using plastic bags? Or, the simple action is to switch off lights for an hour on 27th March 2010 from 8.30pm - 9.30pm? 

From my observation and what i heard from people around me, what was their response to me? They told me this.... "Who cares? Other people also doesn't care about it. Why should i care?".... So, youths/students, when adults saying things like this what do you feel? Do you think you shouldn't voice out your own opinion? Speak up for what you think the right thing to do. Then, YOUR VOICE SHOULD BE HEARD. 

Ok. Till tomorrow. I have lots more to share. Need to have a good sleep tonight for a better fight tomorrow. Night all.