Friday, October 17, 2008


We stand at the viewing point and observed the orang utan feeds on the fruits that given by the park's staff. However, it was only two individuals that appear, a mum and it's young one.

I am lucky that i can get the photos of this unique creature feeds on the fruits even though my camera is not that good.

This is the exit from the feeding site trail.

Hehehe..i got the chance to took a photo at the entrance with the sign board. I was alone but i am lucky there is a nice guy help me to take my photo.

I was a little bit bored today and i am thinking of having a walk. Then, i decide to drive to the nearest park. I really missed the smell of the forest and i must go somewhere. Even though i almost get lost until i call my friend and ask for the direction. When i arrive there, i was really excited and happy. I was alone but i am not feeling lonely though.

When we are at the feeding site, i was doing some other observation too. I saw two Prevost's squirrels, two plantain squirrels, one unid treeshrews, one giant squirrel and one yellow vented flowerpecker. I was really excited when i saw the giant squirrel. It was my first time saw it in the wild and i will never forget today's experienced. The most memorable one is when it just rest on the tree branch with it's hand and legs hanging. It's just look very cute and i wish i can hold it..hahahaha...wild animals is always wild.

When i get back, i have a chit chat with the park warden and he told me a little bit info about the orang utan that they have in the centre.

At the end, i get back my spirit of being in the jungle and i feel refreshing from my short visit to this centre. Will looking for another place to go for jungle trekking after this.


This is a mini gallery in the centre but when i was there it was closed. When i ask the other staff, they told me that the person in-charge is not around.

The list of all the orang utan inside this centre started as early as 1973. It was there before i was born. A few generation alerady and the youngest is just born 13 days ago.

There is also a vet clinic in the centre.

Before we went to the feeding site, short briefing has been given by the park staff. This is just a reminder for us so that we will follow the rules such as, we can't bring bottle of water or fruits that may attract the orang utan and it will leads to attack the visitors.

It is about 200m trail to get to the feeding area and the trail is very nice.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Dabai is really famous in Sibu area. The price is really expensive when the starting of the season. Here is a picture of my sis climbing up the dabai tree to get the fruits. She is so brave and sometimes she hurt her chest but she just take it. The height of the tree is about 15m high and it doesn't have a big branches to step on.

This is teh tool that my sis use to cut the fruits from the tree. It is as sharp as knife and quite heavy for me. If i hold it for a long period my hand will get tired and some more have to use it to cut the fruits.

This is how this fruits looks like with the stalks and so on. I am not good in describing it (that's why i failed y botany course..:p)...

When we get back home, we got about 5kg of dabai fruits and i brought back to Sibu about 2kg. The rest maybe my sis sell it since the price is quite good now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is the durian tree at our orchard. This year the fruit is quite good but my mum already spend about one month plus to look after this fruit trees. If she didn't do that, all of the fruits will be eaten by monkey (the long tailed macaque).

Under the trees my mum put up one small hut for our dog. We have to keep our dog near the fruit tree because if we did not do it, for sure the monkeys will come over and take the fruits. They didn't scared to come near unless we put up some fire and dogs bark will chase them away.

On the day i arrive, i have a chance to taste the first two of the durians fruit that we have. It was just started to fall. If i didn't going back before i went to Kuching maybe i will not have a chance to taste our durians this year.

Hehehe..this is our loyal dog that help us to take care of our durian's. Pity him, we have to tied him because if not he will run away to our aunt's house not far from our orchard. But, he seems to be fine when we kept him in his own small hut.