Thursday, October 16, 2008


Dabai is really famous in Sibu area. The price is really expensive when the starting of the season. Here is a picture of my sis climbing up the dabai tree to get the fruits. She is so brave and sometimes she hurt her chest but she just take it. The height of the tree is about 15m high and it doesn't have a big branches to step on.

This is teh tool that my sis use to cut the fruits from the tree. It is as sharp as knife and quite heavy for me. If i hold it for a long period my hand will get tired and some more have to use it to cut the fruits.

This is how this fruits looks like with the stalks and so on. I am not good in describing it (that's why i failed y botany course..:p)...

When we get back home, we got about 5kg of dabai fruits and i brought back to Sibu about 2kg. The rest maybe my sis sell it since the price is quite good now.

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