Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is the durian tree at our orchard. This year the fruit is quite good but my mum already spend about one month plus to look after this fruit trees. If she didn't do that, all of the fruits will be eaten by monkey (the long tailed macaque).

Under the trees my mum put up one small hut for our dog. We have to keep our dog near the fruit tree because if we did not do it, for sure the monkeys will come over and take the fruits. They didn't scared to come near unless we put up some fire and dogs bark will chase them away.

On the day i arrive, i have a chance to taste the first two of the durians fruit that we have. It was just started to fall. If i didn't going back before i went to Kuching maybe i will not have a chance to taste our durians this year.

Hehehe..this is our loyal dog that help us to take care of our durian's. Pity him, we have to tied him because if not he will run away to our aunt's house not far from our orchard. But, he seems to be fine when we kept him in his own small hut.

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