Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kicking Back Alive

I arrive at UNIMAS on Monday and i was very tired after a long drive from Sibu. I am lucky that i arrive safely at UNIMAS after about seven hours drive. However, it was not that lucky after i can't get room at the hostel and i have to stay at my friend's room. Not much to do because all my stuff is still in the car and i can't unloaded it yet. The next day, i tried to get my own room and at last i get the single room at the same hostel with my friend. Again, it was a long and tired day for me because i have to unload my luggage alone. There is no other student at the apartment i am in. Maybe they all have classes. I do it by phase and the room is really dirty. I wonder why there is students that really not care to look for everything that have been provided by the university. If they look after it nicely, all the locker, bed, table etc will still in a good shape. Hmm..i thought higher learning student will have higher standard of thinking and will not doing vandalism. But, this is our young generation attitude.
Only the third day i can start focusing on what i have to do. Starting to do writing and do some reading. It is really the silent and alone space can give me more concentration and focus on my work. I realize that it is not a wrong choice for me to sacrifice my three months salary and go back to my student life. It is almost one week now and i am happy being here and my head is clear from burden of my office works.
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