Thursday, October 2, 2008


I drove back to Sibu alone today. My plan is to get back to see my parents first before i register at my university next Monday. I arrive at my sister's house around 3.30pm and then we visit our uncle's house for Hari Raya. My last visit to his house is in 2005.'s been a long time i didn't visit them.

I call up my friend and we plan to meet-up tomorrow. She is my ex-workmate and ex-housemate back in 2007. She is the one that really support me in finishing my study and i am glad to have her as my friend. I can't wait to see her tomorrow. Currently, she is doing her PhD and her spirit and determination in education is really high even though she is already married with two wonderful kids. I will not stop in continuing my study as well. If i get to finish my Master and i got the opportunity to pursue to another level, i will grab it. Hmm..but when i think about my old parents, it will make me thinks twice. Whatever it is, i will do whatever i want to do as long as i still put my parents in my heart. Will never forget their sacrifices in bringing me up until i become what i am today. Thanks Mom and Dad!
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