Thursday, May 12, 2016

Move to New Platform

I start my blogging since 2008 with a blog title My Life Is My Choice. Then i change it to My CHOICE - Walking Through Nature and this is the blog. This blog was dedicated for my love of nature and i shared most of my experienced exploring the Borneo rainforest. However, there is times that i am very lazy to write and this blog ended been abandoned by me. So, i decided to moved to the new platform and just using my own name as the title of my blog. I will continue to share my thoughts, my adventure and journey exploring Borneo and the outside world. Sharing what i have seen and what inspired me along the way. Do come and drop by whenever you miss me and want to see what's new at Rose Ragai

It is just a simple blog and enjoy your time dropping by.

Journey never ends,
Little Rose

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Seeking ASEAN Scientists for ASEAN-US Science & Technology Fellowship

Two days ago, i received another email from a friend working with WWF-Malaysia on this ASEAN-US Science and Technology fellowship programme. Allow me to share a little bit about this porgramme, who knows this is something that you are looking for in order to broaden your knowledge and your capacity.

Here a little bit of background, goals and priority areas for this programme:-

The ASEAN region boasts strong skills and potential in science and technology and seeks to leverage these capacities to increase regional competitiveness, foster innovation and entrepreneurship, improve resource management, and enhance the lives of its citizens. Currently, few non-governmental scientists are consulted by ASEAN Member State (AMS) governments on policy decisions, and these scientists generally have a limited understanding of the government decision-making processes and how to effectively engage. ASEAN has a role to play in fostering and institutionalizing a culture of science-based policy making throughout the region, and the Fellowship seeks to provide opportunities for policy-makers and scientists alike to learn from one another.

The goals of the ongoing ASEAN-U.S. Science and Technology Fellowship are the following:
  1. Advance regional cooperation on ASEAN strategic priorities; 
  2. Strengthen science-based policymaking throughout targeted national government ministries and/or bodies; and 
  3. Empower and build the capacity of scientists in ASEAN to take a more prominent role in their respective country’s efforts to integrate into the ASEAN Community.
The Fellowship provides opportunities for early career scientists who are citizens and residents of ASEAN Member State to contribute their knowledge and analytical skills to their national governments. Fellows will be embedded in sectoral or line ministries or other agencies within their home countries, providing these institutions with increased technical capacity to make informed, science-based decisions. More specially, Fellows will be hosted by entities that support technical work aligned with the following three ASEAN and U.S. science and technology priority areas:
  1. Sustainable Energy – Supporting development of strategies or policies to help national governments accelerate using efficient, environmentally friendly, and clean energy; addressing political and other barriers to help ASEAN achieve its goals of significantly increasing use of renewable energy.
  2. Climate Change and Climate Variability – Supporting development of national climate change strategies, policies or action plans; supporting government efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change on cities, communities, and ecosystems.
  3. Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy – Supporting the development of strategies, policies or frameworks to accelerate scientific activity or technology transfer; address intellectual property rights; foster collaboration between science and industry; catalyze STI investments, and promote entrepreneurship. (Note: Scientists with industry experience are especially encouraged to apply under this theme.)
For more information about this programme, please refer to the website ASEAN-U.S. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FELLOWSHIP and all application forms are there.

As for myself, once again i am not qualified to apply for this programme because the minimum academic qualification is Master Degree. I don't have that so i pass this again. All the BEST!

Hoping for Other Opportunity,
Rose Ragai

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Global Online Course - Environmental Education

I received an email from one my EE friend from Sabah Environmental Education Network (SEEN) about this EE Online Course. If you are interested about enrolling in this course you still can do that because the dateline for submission is on February 15, 2016.

Screenshot of the website Global EE

Here is share the course overview for your information and please visit the website for more information about this course.

The goal of this course is to create an environmental education “trading zone”—an online space where scholars and students gather to learn about multiple disciplines that shed light on how to improve environmental quality and change environmental behaviors. Each of the lectures, readings, discussions, and case studies will focus on the implications of a particular discipline for environmental education, as well as what environmental education has to contribute to related disciplines and sectors. Learn about how environmental education, environmental governance, environmental psychology, environmental sociology and other disciplines can work together to address ‘wicked problems,’ not readily addressed by working in disciplinary silos. 

​The course prospectus is posted on our website Global Online Course. Please continue to share the course information with your colleagues, students, and networks. So far we have over 1500 participants from over 150 countries registered! To begin meeting instructors and participants, join us on the course Facebook group.

Sharing is caring right, i hope you will find it is interesting and participate. As for myself, i can not do that because i will be spending my time travel into the Borneo rainforest for about three weeks. Thus, i can not commit to this course. So unlucky me but i will having fun with my furry little friends in the wilderness.. Ha ha ha.. Till then!

Rose Ragai

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Journey Along the Katibas River - Part 1

Boat express from Sibu town to Song which depart at 6.15am and reach Song at 8.15am.
It was a follow-up trip to the long houses along the Katibas River which is regarding the labours appointment to join us in our orangutan nest survey last June. Actually i only assist the officer from the Forest Department but as usual, i am excited because this is my first time going upper Katibas River.
My excited face on the boat just before we start our journey.
We already plan to overnight at the last longhouse which is Rh. Sapai and TR Sapai himself is our boatman for this trip. Our journey will took us more than six hours because we will be stopped at a few longhouses to deliver the letters and meet up with the locals. Somehow, the weather is not as good as we hope it will be. After our second stop, the rain was too heavy and we must reach Rh Sapai before its dark. So, we decide to skip the other four longhouses and continue it the next day on our way down to Song town.

The mouth of Katibas River
The water level is just nice so we don't have to pass the shallow water with rocky rocks in this super cool river. I imagine of the strong current but since the water level is quite high, so the current is just mild. 
Our boatman, TR Sapai. The fuel is cost about RM500 for one way trip. 
Our boatman is very experienced and skillful person and he knows all the safe route to escape the big rocks in this river. I salute him for i feel safe along the way but somehow, he was drunk on the next day after a few stops at the longhouses. Only then i start to feel scared. Ha ha ha..

The flowers of Ensurai tree (Dipterocarpus sp.) is food source of aquatic life in this river.
It was a great experienced, even though it took us six hours to reach TR Sapai's longhouse and bad weather on the first day but i amazed by the beautiful scene along the river banks especially after the second last longhouse. It was amazing to have a chance to see the flowering Ensurai trees (Dipterocarpus sp.) along the rivers and knowing that the food source of the aquatic life especially the fishes is abundant and available. 

Finally, in the end, this will be one of the experience that i will appreciate as much as other trips that i have made while exploring the Rainforest of Borneo. I am grateful to God for this great opportunity and i am still safe and sound. 

Grateful Heart, 
Rose Ragai

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Murder Mystery Wildlife Conservation Course

Interested in expanding your knowledge and keen to experience a creative way of learning about wildlife conservation. Dr. Cedric Tan will conduct a Wildlife Conservation Course in January 2016. It will also be an addition of online learning from Dr. Lucy Tallents (WildCRU). This is an exciting new games which this murder mystery promises to keep you on your feet while simultaneously gaining insights and useful skills in conservation. And of course don't forget the crazy fun! Have FUN!

See details in this poster and all the BEST!

Poster was taken from Dr. Cedric Tan email.
Need Creative Mind,
Rose Ragai

Friday, September 4, 2015

Amazed by The Big Trees

As we walk through the dense Borneo tropical rainforest, I was amazed by seeing lots of remaining big trees. In my heart I was praying that, this trees will not be cut down for the next hundred years. Let it stays there until nature itself work out on it. Development must be in a sustainable way and I am pretty sure that Sarawak forests only have a few thousand hectares left for the rest is already develop for agriculture and logged.

Photo taken with Samsung Note 3 Camera
As a conservationist or field biologist myself, I easily get emotional when I see irresponsible development activities that give a very bad impacts to the forest and the living things resides inside it. I still have many things to learn from the forest and yet, too little left. If I myself didn't have a chance to discover and explore this amazing forests we have, what more left for our next generations.

Well, we who are living the moments, must think and act wisely because what we did now will give impacts to our children in future.

Amazed by Nature,
Rose Ragai