Friday, October 17, 2008


We stand at the viewing point and observed the orang utan feeds on the fruits that given by the park's staff. However, it was only two individuals that appear, a mum and it's young one.

I am lucky that i can get the photos of this unique creature feeds on the fruits even though my camera is not that good.

This is the exit from the feeding site trail.

Hehehe..i got the chance to took a photo at the entrance with the sign board. I was alone but i am lucky there is a nice guy help me to take my photo.

I was a little bit bored today and i am thinking of having a walk. Then, i decide to drive to the nearest park. I really missed the smell of the forest and i must go somewhere. Even though i almost get lost until i call my friend and ask for the direction. When i arrive there, i was really excited and happy. I was alone but i am not feeling lonely though.

When we are at the feeding site, i was doing some other observation too. I saw two Prevost's squirrels, two plantain squirrels, one unid treeshrews, one giant squirrel and one yellow vented flowerpecker. I was really excited when i saw the giant squirrel. It was my first time saw it in the wild and i will never forget today's experienced. The most memorable one is when it just rest on the tree branch with it's hand and legs hanging. It's just look very cute and i wish i can hold it..hahahaha...wild animals is always wild.

When i get back, i have a chit chat with the park warden and he told me a little bit info about the orang utan that they have in the centre.

At the end, i get back my spirit of being in the jungle and i feel refreshing from my short visit to this centre. Will looking for another place to go for jungle trekking after this.

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