Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Once Upon A Time

I want to share a little bit story of my childhood since i found quite a few of my old time photos. It may look funny and maybe ashamed but sharing just for remembrance and remind myself of why i fell in love with animals. I used to have dogs and cats as a pets but it is fine. Dogs and cats are domestic animals so not a big deal to have them as our pets. But, i am more interested to have wild animals as my pets but it is not easy to have them. I have to look for a young birds or young civets from the wild to raise. I like to play with my pets or my sister pets. The photo above shows that i have fun with my sister's dog.

After a long day playing with this little kitten, we both feel sleepy and we take a nap. Actually this kitten was borrowed from my neighbor's granddaughter and late afternoon i will sent it back to her. Heheheh...i dare to borrow a cat since i don't have one. My mum not allowed me to have cat because i got an asthma when i was a little kids because of cat's fur.

Yeah..at last i got wild bird to be my beloved pets. This is the Imperial Pigeon and i take it from our rambutan tree in our orchard. It was a young bird with only a few full developed flight feather when i took him. I named him Fantagiro because at that time i am not sure whether this bird was she or he. But then my sister gave it another name, Zorro and we called him Zorro after that. I can put him on my hand but i will always got scar on my hand because of it's sharp nails.

Usually when it was going to rain, he really want to have a shower and i will give him a shower. See how he enjoying his sun bath too...ops..noo...he is drying his feather after having his shower. Zorro died after eight years with me. I am not sure why but maybe because it is old. I don't know how long it's life span but for me to keep him for eight years was so great. I have beautiful memories when i kept him and i always want to set him free but i know he will not survived alone in the forest. He is not fit enough because he is not trained to look for his own food. That is why i will not keep wild animals as my pets anymore. I rather set them free and observed them in the wild.
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