Friday, January 9, 2009

My Workmates, My Friends

The early days of working as a field person. Looks very nerdy and boyish. It was Nov 2005 with BG and NM doing site survey for small mammal trapping (UTAR Group). This time i still don't have any idea on how to arrange my own research. Both of them still working there.

With AJ at logging timber at Binyo. I can't remember for what trip was that. He is still working there too. I never got a chance to learn on doing fish inventory with him.

With AAP at QA office requesting map for our inventory. She leaving the company in 2006 to further her study in forestry at UMS, KK. This year is her final year and i hope she will get her degree with flying colours.

With DJ at Similajau National Park, Bintulu in 2007 when our department has been invited to give a talk about conservation work that we have done. This was for the Nature 'n' U program that organized by SFC.

Most of all, this is my ex-boss, Mr. RBS. He was the one that giving the opportunity for me to join this carreer at Conservation Dept. He open the door for me to do what i really have passions in and expand my knowledge and on ground experienced. He leaving the department in 2007.
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