Friday, January 9, 2009

Refresh Back My Memories - With Wildlife

My interests with wildcat makes me want to hold this juvenile Leopard Cat that in care of mini zoo in Bintulu. It was sent to this mini zoo by the plantation manager. This young leopard cat died last year.

Western Tarsier caught by one of my workers during our small mammals trapping and it hold my finger like a little baby.

Amongst the wildlife that i am working on, i am not a friend of snakes. I don't know if they are venomous or not so i am afraid of all species of snakes.

I found this tortoise when we are doing our site survey for small mammals trapping. Actually it was a pair of it and i think they are mating but we disturb them. Just for a little while, captured some photos with them for a memories.

Frogging and end up with eyeing on slepping birds that roll like a ball.

Having so much interesting experienced when doing bird's survey where we use it's own calls/songs to attract them to come near to our mist nets. The Green Broadbill, one of the species that we can call. much more to learn about them..but will i have a chance doing it again after this?

Fish....I only know how to eat them but still can't remember fish scientific names...

Holding the paralyzed Malay Civet in my arms like holding a little baby. Will i still got this chance?

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