Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work

I am back to work again this month but it is not the same situation as before i am leaving this place. Hoping that i will have a chance to go out into the plantations and doing some surveys. However, it sounds to be not happen for me.
My friend have trip tomorrow, removing cam trap from sites but i can't join them. I am not in the list of the team members for that trip. I thought i can plan my own trip to try the PIT, tagging for the small mammals but it seems to be not going to happen too. I am only here for about two weeks, i think before i am totally leaving this job.
I am okay...I think i will make my own trip to any close nature park. I can make it my own visit to the jogging trail that i used to go before. Or maybe looking for a new trails not far from the town. As long i use my observations skills, i will find interesting animals or anything that nature want to show me.
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