Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time To Move On

Feeling so sad to leave something that i really love behind me. But my life have to move on.
Looking for new place and meet new people that will welcome me with their smile and welcome hearts.

I wonder why it is so hard for certain people to see other people success in their life.
I thought being nice with everyone will make other people treat me nice too. Hmmm..nevermind.

This is just a beginning of the year and i supposed to be very motivated and full of passion
in my next step.

My wish is that, this new place that i will serve will treat me fairly. I am sure i will meet
a very nice person and for sure a very good work environment. I know i will miss a lot of things
about my previous nature of work because the next step will be slightly different. No more
small mammals trapping, no more frogging, no more birding etc etc...can't count all the most memorable experienced that i ever have in my previous work.

Feeling sad when recall back the three years and two months period that i have spent in broaden my knowledge and gaining new skills in doing work with wildlife. The bite of the Ranee Mouse, climbing up hills, cutting trails, sleeping in the was a hard time but give me more strentgh to move on.
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