Sunday, January 18, 2009

Public Talk on Small Mammals

I have to give a public talk on small mammals study that i have done in Planted Forests Project in Bintulu. What can i say about this talk? I am not well prepared, i think. I only have less than two days to make a preparation and i really screwed it up.

It was about 30+ people attend my talk and it makes me more nervous. I was trying to send a message about small mammals conservation since people always think of small mammals as a pests. However, i don't think i give an informative presentations because i was a little bit blank and out of focus during the presentations. The truth is my power point presentations only complete an hour before the talk. So...i am not ready! Huhuhu...It's okay.

This is some of my friends that attend my talk and some of them are Sarawak Natural Science Society club members.

I would like to thanks all of them that supports my talk yesterday.
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