Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Miss Going Out Into The Jungle

This feeling come again. When i read other blogs especially when they share about their experienced going into the forest and doing observation, i envy it very much. I wish i can do it here but the main problem with me is that i am not brave enough to explore alone. I know several national parks and forest reserve in this area but there is no one can accompany me. A few days ago, my Supervisor told me that they have a field trip to Belaga area doing some mist netting for bats and birds. At first, he invited me to join their team but then he cancel it because he want me to concentrate on my writings. Hmm..looks like it will be a long time i am stranded in this concrete forest.

Oh ya, my friend ask me to go for rock climbing again this coming Sunday but i am not decide yet. Going or not going? From my last trip, i was suffered muscle pain for about one week so that's make me think twice. My right hand is really painfull and i have to use both hands to change gear when i am driving (this is for the first two days after rock climb). So, i will decide later whether i will make it or not.
By the way, i still hope i can go out and doing some observation in the forest. I don't want to lost my skills and my memory in identify mammals, frogs, birds....still have to do lots of practice.
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