Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rock Climbing

I like adventure so i like to try new things especially outdoors activity. It has been a while i try to join my friend go for mount climbing in Bau. I have no idea how it will be look like and what should i do. Climb up the rock. But how difficult it will be? I don't have height phobia but at some point i do have some nerves too when i look down. I am not worry about it because i still can control it.
Even though i still not sure, how this activity will be going on but i am really excited. I miss a lots of things while i am here in my uni. I miss to go into the forest and be close to the real nature, where i can see the wild animals and breath the fresh air, i miss my aerobic class, where i can stretch my muscle and enjoy the fast music, i miss my joging activity at Bintulu Promenade, where i always see the beautiful sunset and many things i miss about my previous activities. But, everythings should be fine because i will have a chance to do another things while i am here.
I already visit the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and it is a good start for me. This weekend will be rock climbing at Bau. It will be interesting and fun. Challenging too.
Can't wait to go.
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