Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last Saturday, was the first time i visited Kampung Budaya and i am really excited. Only my friend and I, and both of us don't know where is Kampung Budaya and we lost about one and half hours where we heading to a wrong destination. We reach the end of the road to Matang. I think we reach the last village at Matang because we pass through the Matang Wildlife Centre. It was crazy but we never lost hope and make several calls to our friend and at last we found the right road to Kampung Budaya. Here we come...

I am from Melanau tribe and i really excited before i enter this tall house but then when i am inside the house i really dissapointed. From outside this house looks really amazing and i never imagine how Melanau people stay in this tall and big house. When i enter the house, it looks like that no one take care of it. There were spider web every where and just like big haunted house. Hmm..really dissapointed with what i see inside this house.

I have so much fun visit Bidayuh longhouse. I like this bamboo bridge and it was the entrance to the longhouse. I really like this bamboo bridge. Is there any Bidayuh longhouse out there still use this kind of bridge?

At last when we wait for the show at the theatre hall, i take a chance to take some funny photo and this is one of it. I am not sure what sculpture is this but it looks unique though..hehehe..i am not regret to visit this KAmpung Budaya because we really have a good time.
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