Thursday, December 4, 2008

Endemic Species List

At last i come up with this list after gone through the reference (Wilson & Reeder, 2005; Yasuma et al., 2003; Payne et al., 2000). Here is the species list for endemic species of mammals in Borneo that i got. After gone through this three reference i will say that i prefer to use Wilson & Reeder (2005) and i can't rely too much on Yasuma et al. (2003). The other one Payne et al. (2000) is more updated and only a few species not match with Wilson & Reeder (2005). I will say that the most updated and relieable source that i think i can depends on is Wilson & Reeder (2005), Mammals Species of The World. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd Eds). It is available online and can be found using this url

Hope this will give some info for those that doing zoology study and it's about mammals.

  1. Suncus ater
  2. Crocidura foetida
  3. Tupaia longipes
  4. Tupaia splendidula
  5. Tupaia montana
  6. Tupaia gracilis
  7. Tupaia picta
  8. Tupaia dorsalis
  9. Dendrogale melanura
  10. Hipposideros coxi
  11. Myotis gomantongensis
  12. Hypsugo (Pipistrellus) kitcheneri
  13. Arielulus (Pipistrellus) cuprosus
  14. Callosciurus baluensis
  15. Callosciurus adamsi
  16. Callosciurus orestes
  17. Sundasciurus jentinki
  18. Sundasciurus brookei
  19. Glyphotes simus
  20. Lariscus hosei
  21. Dremomys everetti
  22. Exilisciurus exilis
  23. Exilisciurus whiteheadi
  24. Rheithrosciurus macrotis
  25. Petaurillus hosei
  26. Petaurillus emiliae
  27. Aeromys thomasi
  28. Rattus baluensis
  29. Niviventer rapit
  30. Maxomys alticola
  31. Maxomys ochraceiventer
  32. Maxomys baeodon
  33. Chiropodomys major
  34. Chiropodomys muroides
  35. Haeromys margarettae
  36. Haeromys pusillus
  37. Pithecheirops otion
  38. Thecurus crassispinis
  39. Presbytis hosei
  40. Presbytis rubicunda
  41. Presbytis frontata
  42. Nasalis larvatus
  43. Hylobates muelleri
  44. Melogale everetti
  45. Hemigalus hosei
  46. Catopuma badia
  47. Muntiacus artherodes
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