Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Hour With My Ex-Workmates

Did i mention that i am resign from my current job in Bintulu? Hmm..maybe i miss that part. So, the main purpose of my visit to Bintulu this time was to settle all my personal things before i am leaving Bintulu. Pass my resign letter to my boss, meeting my fellow friends and packing my stuff and bring it back to Sibu. Three days seems to be not enough. I have my lunch with my bestfriend and also my workmate after my last visit to the office. I am so mean actually, during our lunch, i didn't tell her that i am resigining because i don't know how to tell her. But later the next day when i visit her mom, i told her that i am leaving and she alreday knew something is happening. But, wherever i go i will always have her and her family in my heart. They are so nice to me. On that day her mom prepare me lunch.:)

We have a happening night with my officemates and my housemates at our house. It was so crazy but fun. We have one bottle of JD and B. Sort of farewell for me but whatever it is, i will always remember that night. Thank you so much for all you guys have done for me. I am sure we will still keep in touch.
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