Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seven Hours Drive

I arrive at 5pm yesterday. I online for a few minutes but then i am very tired to write anything so i just do some reading without any writings. Wow...it was a long drive and some more i am alone. But this is the fourth time so, i feel more brave to be alone on the long journey like that. Twice almost hit by the car from the front but i am lucky because my Guardian Angel is still take a good care of me. It was not my fault i am on the right lane but that two cars steal my lane but we are lucky nothing happen yesterday.

My visit to Bintulu was great because i manage to meet quite numbers of my friends there. My aerobic friends, my workmates, my clubbing friends and some others friends but i can not make it to join our High School Reunion at Miri on the 29th Nov. It was another 3 hours drive so i decide not to go because the next day i have to drive back to Sibu which takes 3 hours drive from Bintulu. Besides i have to pack all my stuff at Bintulu and bring back to Sibu. So many things to be settled.

Long hours of driving really test my patient and have to stay awake. At some point i didn't realize that i off the speed limit so, i hope i will not get a love letter from the traffic police. Whatever it is i enjoy my drive yesterday. Safe and sound.
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