Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off To Bintulu

I will be drive back to Sibu and then to Bintulu tomorrow. I will be away for a few days and maybe looking for more new things too. But actually i am going to meet my friends and doing some stuff back to Bintulu. I have so many plan to do there but i have so limited time for that. Anyway, time is something but even it is so little time as long as i use it wisely, i am sure i can have great time with my friends there before i leave.

For sure i miss to write something in my blog too. Until next Monday, then i will be able to write here again. For sure i will miss reading and following my friends activity in their blogs too. Nevermind, i will cope with that later. The main things to do now, drive carefully and arrive safely to my destination tomorrow. Till then.....Bintulu i come...
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