Monday, November 24, 2008

The Palm Beach

This is the Palm Beach at Sematan, Kuching. As usual when it is the first time, i will enjoy it so much. Kind of interesting because it's almost a few years i didn't swim at the beach. Wow! Now i realize that i was always in the jungle and enjoying nature there. I went to Bintulu beach (Tjg. Batu, Similajau, Bintulu Promenade) but never enter the water because it was too risky. There was a few cases of drawn at Tjg. Batu so i don't want to take that risk. By the way, i really like this beach. Just ignore my presence in that photo and you can see how beautiful the sea is. There are two island behind and it is for turtle conservation so it is not recreational island.

I was so stunned by this beautiful beach so i forgot to take more photos and i just swim and swim and swim. Playing around with the strong waves. There were a few friends of my friend trying to surf here and they did it very well because the waves is huge and strong that day. I am not sure if i still have a chance to go to this beautiful beach again but maybe some other beach after this. As always, travel and adventure will never ends....
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