Monday, November 24, 2008

Climbing Lesson

He teach us on how to do the belay means that the one that responsible on the ground while the partner is doing the climb. I never done this one before because i am small and light so i can't lift the climbers that heavier than me.

This is the first time for Phil to do the belay so i help him just to cover up in case he loose the rope. While he climb he is telling us on the right skills of climbing. Always push up the body using feet and not trying too hard to reach up using hands because it will make our arms muscle over stretch. That is what happen to me because i never care on where i put my feet as long as my hand can reach something above my head.

This is the tricky part for this climb wall because we have to figure out what is the best position for our feet so that our hands can reach the secret holes above our head. This is where i always have difficulties and for this trip i only success once for two try.

Aha..this is some of the members for this climb and i met up with my long lost senior in high school after almost 12 years and lucky i still can recognize her. Small world..:)
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