Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Climb Wall

This wall is the toughest wall for a beginner like me and actually there is a different level at this wall too. The Chimney wall is the easiest one amongst the other three at this wall. All the senior climbers are doing their climbing here. As for me, i am not doing this one because it is very tough for me. So for this time i only climb at the Baby wall. I am still crawling because i am a baby..hehehehe..

The Baby wall have two level here. The one on the right side is really easy because there is a lots of holes that i can stick my finger in and put my feet on. However, the other one is harder because there is one part that i can't find a good place to put my feet on and for the first try i finish this climb but for the second time, i am quit. I think because i am hungry, it is almost lunch time so lack of energy. For this second time join them, i feel it is quite good because i learn some more new things.
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